Churrasco da graça: one of the best bbq restaurants in Lisbon

dsc_0029One of the best things to do in Lisbon, is having a juicy barbecue dish. Portugal have a tradition for its barbecue restaurants. Most of all the meat is produced at Alentejo, a region located right under Lisbon, right under Rio Tejo (Tagus River). Right next to Castelo São Jorge and Miradouro da Graça, the Graça neighbourhood is one of the most famous

and charming of Lisbon. It’s at the Graça neighbourhood that Churrasco da Graça is located. A very traditional BBQ and seafood restaurant, was founded around the 1960’s by Mr David, which a few years ago sold the restaurant, and unafortunately died. As you arrive to the street where it’s located, you will

Elter preparing a barbecue in Lisbon, Churrasco da Graça. Having a barbecua is one of the best things to do in Lisbon.

find a very simple and yet common place. But that’s just how it looks from outside. The very first time I stept in, the smell of the barbecue immediately conquered me. The decoration is old fashioned, it have simple tables and not any luxury inside (but that’s a detail).

The barbecue master, Mr Elter, is one of the most folkloric persons of the neighbourhood. One day I went to Churrasco da Graça after 22h, and I found him driking a beer sitting on a table outside. He invited us to have a glass with him. We couldn’t refuse this invitation.

dsc_0040In this place, almost every dish is prepared in the grill, even the seafood. This place also offers a fair set of Portuguese wines, from 9€ to 20€, where we can recommend the red wines Casa Ferreirinha
Esteva and Casa Ferreirinha Papa Figos, which costs less than 15€.

My favourite dish of this place is the “Espetada de vitela”, which means “Calf spike” in English. It’s a rump piece, grilled in a iron spike with chili and onions, with french fries. This dish can probably serve two people, and costs 12€.


Espetada de alcatra de vitela – Calf rump spike barbecue






Polvo a Lagareiro – Octopuss Lagareiro









Our friends ordered also a Polvo a Lagareiro, which means “Octopuss Lagareiro”, which costed 10,50€ and included a tender piece of Octopus with vegetables, chickpeas and potatoes too.

In conclusion, even to have a grilled seafood dish, or a juicy rump piece, we definately recommend trying Churrasco da Graça, one of the best things to do in Lisbon, when you visit this marvellous city! Before of after having a nice barbecue in Lisbon, we suggest you visiting Miradouro da Graça and/or Castelo São Jorge.


Bacalhau com broa e grãos – Codfish with bread and chickpeas
Bacalhau na canoa – Codfish – Similar to Bacalhau a minhota
Grilled chicken with rice and fries
Grilled chickens being prepared


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